Monday, August 27, 2007

1st day of school

Ethan had his first day of Pre-K today. Although, for the first 6 days he's only going half a day. Then after that, it's everyday from 8am - 2pm. Long day! He seemed to like it so far. We'll see if he has the same attitude after going all day. I took him to get his hair cut yesterday, which he does not like at all! The place we go is just for kids, so there is a TV at every station. He's fine as long as he gets to watch "Cars" and eat Smarties. The candy keeps him busy, as well as me about an hour later!

I went to my local Michael's today where they had these!

I was so excited! The only bad thing was that they were already on sale so I couldn't use my coupon. I did also buy these because I thought they would be perfect for my Halloween cards.

Now, these are Martha Stewart's stamps. I was told by the clerk that "Martha doesn't let us use coupons on her stuff". Oh really. Well, Martha's just lucky I'm buying her stuff at all. I mean, if I hadn't of bought this set, she might have had to sell one of her houses. Anyway. We all know how I feel about Martha.

I'm hoping to post my card I've been working on for Julee's contest later today. This is the first time I've done a sketch contest. I really should do more of these. It makes card making a whole lot easier!


Blogger KVC said...

Ethan looks very cute for the first day of school. I like his hair cut! My nephew LOVES Kindergarten. He told me today the thing he likes most is P.E.

7:09 PM CDT  

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