Sunday, May 20, 2007

7 years ago today...

Fred and I were married. I can't believe seven years has passed by already. It seems like yesterday that we were talking about having kids and now we have two.
Here's the card I made for Fred. I've had this paper for months and finally got around to using it.

Fred thought the flowers from last weekend weren't enough so I received some more yesterday. Aren't they beautiful?

Well, we didn't do a whole lot for our anniversary. Donna offered to come and watch the kids and we went out for Mexican food. We split this yummy dessert. The waiter melted brandy butter in a fajita pan then added this big brownie and topped it with vanilla ice cream. So delicious!

Reagan was two months old on Saturday. She's getting so big so fast. When I hold her, I can definitely tell the difference between now and when she was born. She's finding great interest in her hands. She stares at them, puts them in her mouth and makes the cutest little noises. I'll post some new pictures later.


Blogger Kim -today's creative blog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your's is looking fun too. Happy Anniversary.
I think you're the one who wanted to know about my purse. You can see more from the same artist at She also sells some at Butterscotch in Portland Oregon. Not sure if they have a site. I know Jane from the club and could probably arrange to have one sent to you.

6:19 PM CDT  
Blogger KVC said...

I love the wedding pic!! Happy Anniversary! KV

9:30 AM CDT  

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