Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday, Monday...

Well, it's Monday and the weekend is over. I TIVOd Sopranos last night to watch it later, but Fred wanted to watch the first season of Entourage. What makes more sense: watching a new episode or watching a show on TV that we own on DVD. Yeah, I'd rather have watched Sopranos too.

This weekend was pretty uneventful. I stayed in on Saturday and finished a layout I had been working on all week.

I got caught up on my TV shows. SVU is still my favorite of all the Law & Orders. What are there, like 10 of them now? I can't keep up. Sunday, a friend and I went shopping. I bought 3 pairs of sandals. Me, buy shoes? Who would of thunk it? Actually, I haven't bought any shoes in a while, and they were all different colors. The green ones were just for fun and they are soooo comfortable.

Ethan goes to Mother's Day out one day a week. Week before last they had Spring Break and I totally forgot about it. I got up and got him dressed, made his lunch and packed his backpack. We drive into the school parking lot and it's peculiarly deserted. Then it dawns on me. Spring Break. So, we drove back home and I felt like an idiot. He really likes to go, though. They do these little art projects every week that I change out on the fridge.

I save some and give others to the grandparents. They really like those. Most times they're the only ones who can figure out what it is!


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