Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hello Again

I have to be more diligent about this blog. I just get side tracked with other things and forget. Well, we have a few things going on. We are getting ready to do some more updating to our house - just in time to sell it. We are hopefully going to move just after the new year. We should have done more of this stuff a few years ago, but we just didn't. Things will be different with the new house. Whatever it needs, I want to have done before or right after we move in. If we don't, it will never get done.
This house has been good, but we need more room. Especially when we have more children.

Well, as of yesterday, Ethan is 2 1/2 years old and he still has his pacifier. Only when he takes a nap or at bed time. I know, I know...get rid of it. One thing his pediatrician suggested was to cut a small hole in it making him think it's broken and possibly tossing it. I just put him down for the night and I did as the doctor said and cut the hole. He his now whining from his bed and I know why; it's the sound of sucking on air. I feel like I'm being mean, but that thing's gotta go. I know he'll eventually whine himself to sleep, I just have to wait it out.


Blogger A Little Time said...

The banner looks great! Love that LO, too.

I don't know about the pacifier issue. I think we just told Trent one day he was too big for it and never gave it back. There were a couple nights of crying but then it got better.

Now, if I could get Katrina to stop nursing....

8:23 AM CST  

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